NEFU will host the following schools:

  • Siberian Summer school in Yakutsk «Nature. People. Culture»
  • Russian Language and Culture in Siberia
  • Cold Lands: Summer field school hosted by department of Northern studies
  •  Information Technologies and Robotics
  • Taiga forest ecosystem on permafrost: Role of permafrost zone in a global change
  • Crossroads of Cultures

Siberian Summer school in Yakutsk «Nature. People. Culture» includes several major topical units that let you become familiar with the unique region, its geography, history and culture. There will be three modules on Northern nature, Population, indigenous people and Languages of Yakutia.

Russian Language and Culture in Siberia, hosted by the Philological Faculty, will provide courses in Russian language and culture. Students will get knowledge on Russian language, literature and culture in Siberia. The program offers diverse cultural and social program and also a field trip. Prior knowledge of Russian language is not necessary.

Information Technologies and Robotics includes lectures and workshops on the basics of general robotics. Students will be engaged in the assembly and programming of robot models using educational robot designers and get acquainted with the aeronautic robots of Glider and Multi-copter types. The school includes tours and trips as well.

Crossroads of Cultures welcomes undergraduate and graduate students, young researchers and artists, interested in arts development and culture.

Information on each school and application deadlines can be found here

NEFU offers discounts for UArctic partner institution students.