Scientists from the Biological Institute found a way to maximize the control of oil lifting from the bottom. They created a special device which avoids the oil leakage at the time of flotation. Being lifted, the pollutant mass goes to the primary settling tank and then to a pool filled with sorbents. Finally, when the water passed all the stages of treatment it has a content of harmful substances below the maximum allowable concentration.

Basic principles of the technology has already shown the efficiency in practice. In particular, a few years ago the technology was used in the Komi Republic for the cleaning of the Shchuchye lake, where 157 tons of oil were raised from the bottom. The vast majority of fish living in the lake had severe congenital abnormalities. A few years after clearing the lake, the number of anomalies has decreased from 100 per cent to three. In addition, the lake became actively populated by other aquatic organisms.

At the same time, TSU biologists have developed a technology to clean sediment, which will allow to clean the bottom under the ice in winter. According to scientists, this variant is optimal for lakes’ ecosystems.