The Conference will pay attention to the following areas:

  1. The resource use, natural environment protection, problems of management.
  2. Social and cultural processes on the territory of the Republic of Komi: History and Present.
  3. Science and management: actual problems of mechanisms of management of development of the northern territories formation.
  4. International integration in the Arctic for sustainable development (Arctic Council, Barents Euro-Arctic Region and other projects and organizations).
  5. Human capital: social partnership of business and/or governance challenges of the civil society.
  6. Social and macroeconomic conditions of the High North and Arctic territories development.
  7. Legislation improvement as an important factor of the region development.
  8. The contribution of education and science in problem solution of the social and economic innovative priorities of Russia.
  9. Public-private partnership in the High North and Arctic development: political and legal features. 

Registration deadline is 26.09.2015

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