A group of students from the National University of Mongolia Hovd came to TSU to develop their field work skills. The group had two leaders and 12 students, including one young woman.

Teachers of the Faculty of Geology and Geography organized this school-seminar. The program of the workshops was diverse and eventful with geological work and also cultural activities.

Associate Professor Rodygin conducted tours, field trips, and lectures. The Mongolian students got acquainted with the museum, the geology of Sohochul area, and the Samson and Darinskoye ore deposits. They  also visited Sunduki and Tuimskiy Proval.

During the laboratory work, Associate Professor Rodygin helped students to process field data and compile a geological map of the area under investigation which was the final project.

TSU geology workshop

The workshop ended with a solemn presentation of certificates and a dinner prepared by the Mongolian students. They managed to surprise their Russian colleagues with a national dish consisting of lamb, potatoes and vegetables. It was prepared in the sealed container heated by river pebbles. That's really the food for geologists because it was prepared with stones! After the cooking, the hot pebbles were passed from hand to hand to symbolize the friendship that developed between the students of our universities in their days together. This communication will be remembered for a long time, and there is a hope it will continue it in the future, because the Faculty of Geology and Geography plans to organize this field school every year.