The figures of Russian statesmen Sergey Witte and Petr Stolypin are extremely popular in modern Russia: researchers, journalists, politicians see them as outstanding public figures, which played an important role in the modernization of the Russian Empire in the XIX-XX centuries. 

The main conference aim is to compare the reforms’ process in different political conditions. Conference organizers suggest to analyze the reforms in the autocratic state (the last third of the XIX century. - 1905), in the crisis and revolution period (1905-1906), and government policy during the  existence of State Duma (end of 1906 - 1910 s.)

The conference program also includes the section where empire’s influence on reforms and modernization will be presented and discussed. There will be made presentations on local, regional and national level reforms and the impact of nationalism and geopolitics in their process and results.

In the final discussion on June 20 the conference participants will discuss successes and failures of the socio-economic and political modernization in Russia at the turn of epochs, as well as relationships between the reformation and revolutionism in different political environments.

The conference program

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