“Well Control” Course aims to ensure trouble-free drilling operations, the prevention of emissions and open oil and gas gushers. Training is organized in accordance to the standards of the International Well Control Forum, UK. The course is designed to form the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of well control, with intensive study of the specifics of gas, oil and water shows liquidation when drilling from an offshore platform. Training simulators DrillSim-5000 and DrillSim-20 are widely used during the course.

Working languages: Russian, English

Tuition fees - 58,000 rubles.

Duration of training - 72 hours (5-7 days).

Learning Levels - Level 2 (introductory course), Level 3 (Driller), Level 4 (Supervisor).

In order to become a participant, you need to send a request to the address: Dolgushin@itc-tyumen.ru