International Northern Development (IND)

This multidisciplinary program will provide you with a fundamental understanding of current issues within, and perspectives on, the circumpolar region and its relationship with the international community. The program aims to develop a deeper understanding of the influences that are shaping development both of communities and people in the High North. It will also provide a unique opportunity for international collaboration and cross-case comparisons. This program has its basis a long cooperation between UiN and partner institutions in Northwest Russia and Canada.

West Nordic Studies (WNS)

The specialization in West Nordic Studies: Governance and sustainable management will provide you with necessary knowledge and skills to participate in local governance and in the management of local resources and development within a range of social contexts. The Nordic coastal states share the features of scattered populations and abundant natural resources. This program focuses on understanding, analysing, and problem solving with a view to the maintenance and development of more sustainable communities.

Social Work with a Comparative Perspective (SW)

The specialization in social work provides a thorough understanding of the theoretical basis of social work as well as its national and international challenges. The field of social work studies is directed at understanding the impact of cultural, political, social and economic conditions on individuals’ and communities’ living conditions and way of life.  It seeks to use this knowledge to improve the life situations of individuals, families, groups and local communities. In today’s societies, social problems occur on local and national scales. The specialization in social work has a particular focus on the combination of local and global perspectives and strategies.

Application deadline: The application deadline is February 1st, 2015 for non-EU citizens, April 1st, 2015 for EU citizens and May 15th, 2015 for Norwegian citizens.

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