Hosted by Buryat State University, it is expected that over one hundred representatives from UArctic members institutions will gather in Ulan-Ude for the event.

“People ask me why the Council of UArctic has chosen to have its next meeting in Buryatia, when it's not part of the Arctic region”, says Outi Snellman, UArctic Vice-President Organization. Who in response says “Over the years, the level of network engagement shown by representatives of Buryat State University has shown us their readiness to host the Council meeting. Representatives of UArctic's leadership have visited Buryat State University twice and on that basis they saw great opportunity for such activities. In addition, there are many UArctic member representatives who have not heard anything about this region, and they would like to expand their knowledge about Buryatia and have the opportuntity to visit Baikal Lake. Moreover, the people of Buryatia are open, friendly and hospitable, and I hope that all members of the UArctic family can come to experience this”.

In addtion to addressing regular Council business, this year's meeting is being organized in connection with the international conference "Arctic dialogue in the globalized world". Discussions during the conference will focus on problems of economic development, conservation of the northern territories', biodiversity, nature and medicine, and the role of technologies in Arctic research and development.

“It is also necessary to raise questions of education and culture in the North and how to save the traditional ways of life of indigenous people”, says Valerii Arkhinicheev, Vice-Rector for Science and Research at Buryat State University.

According to organizers, the international event is going to be attended by many universities, as well as representatives of the executive authorities of the Russian Federation, Federal Government agencies, the Russian Geographical Society, and leading scientific institutions from the Arctic countries.