Also during this year’s Council meeting, UArctic members voted to approve changes to our membership categories as described in UArctic’s Bylaws. The change now means that UArctic’s previous membership categories "Full Members" and "Associate Members" have been changed to "Arctic Members" and "Non-Arctic Members", respectively. Reflecting current realities, this change serves to simplify the network’s membership structure.

UArctic members are institutions or organisations with an interest in and commitment to higher education and research in the Circumpolar North, and our Arctic Members are located in the eight Arctic countries of Canada, the Kingdom of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, and the USA; while our Non-Arctic Members are located outside the eight Arctic countries.

UArctic currently has 150 Arctic Members, with 49 in Russia, 35 in Canada, 18 in Norway, 13 in the U.S.A., 12 in Finland, 9 in Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands, and 7 in both Iceland and Sweden. Our 18 Non-Arctic members are located in China with 10 members, in the UK with 3 members, and in Belgium, France, Japan, Korea, and Mongolia each with 1 member.

Since its founding in 2001, UArctic has been built in close cooperation with indigenous peoples’ organisations from around the Circumpolar Arctic, including the indigenous peoples’ organisations that are Permanent Participants of the Arctic Council. Presently we have 27 members that are self-identified as institutions or organisations that focus mainly on indigenous peoples issues and education.

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