The Thematic Network on Local and Regional Development was established in 2006 and untill recently was lead by Tor Gjertsen, of Finnmark University College / UiT, The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø. Taking over the leadership of the network is Oxana Romanova from North-Eastern Federal University, in Russia. The formal transfer in leadership was done during the network‘s first Gargia-Oktemtsy conference last June in Yakutsk.  

Also established in 2006, the Thematic Network on Social Work also changed leadership when Siv Oltedal, of the University of Nordland, announced last June that she was leaving her position. The new leader of this thematic network is Douglas Durst, from the University of Regina, Canada.

Co-lead by the University of Akureyri and the University Centre of West Fjords, Iceland, the renamed Thematic Network on Arctic Fisheries and Aquaculture (previously known as the Thematic Network on Arctic Coastal and Marine Issues)

The renaming of the thematic network received unanimous approval by the members of the Thematic Networks Program Team, as the new name better reflects the network’s activities that focus on fisheries and aquaculture instead of dealing with the marine and coastal life as a whole.

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