NEFU and the University of Tromsø began working on this program in 2011. “NEFU students have the opportunity to get additional free education at one of the leading European universities”, said Tor Gjertsen.

“It is gratifying to note that NEFU students are trained entirely in English, and have shown good results in distance learning. Thus, this year five NEFU students will receive diplomas of the international standard, and three students can get a grant to study in Norway”, said Irina Dranaeva, BNS program coordinator at NEFU, senior lecturer of the Department of Northern Studies.

Professor Gjertsen is the coordinator of BNS advanced emphasis program Management of Local and Regional Development. He told the students about his program, the available courses, and grant support for the Russian students studying in the Arctic University of Norway. NEFU students, graduating from the university, participating in the international programs can apply for a Master’s Degree Program of the Arctic University of Norway (University of Tromsø).

“Cold Lands” workshop allows for NEFU students to meet with leading experts, scientists, and researchers of Northern and the Arctic Regions on various subjects: ecology, geography, economics, social sciences, engineering sciences, anthropology, culture of peoples of the North, and international cooperation.