The wide range of issues related to the Earth cryology and celestial bodies’ current state and prospects of development will be presented at the conference.

Main scientific topics to be discussed:

 • Regional and historical geocryology: general patterns and local variability

• Fundamental and applied aspects of hydrate formation

• Cryolithogenesis and quaternary geology. Thermal and fluid dynamics

• Geological survey and research of the design and construction in the permafrost zone

• Ecology of the cryolithozone. Landscapes as elements of geosystems and indicators of spatial variability of the cryosphere

• Geotechnical and geophysical methods for studying the permafrost zone

• Technical systems, buildings and engineering structures in cold regions

• Cryobiology and bioresources

• Geology of celestial bodies

• Geocryological problems and higher education.

International experts are welcomed to participate in the conference and make presentations on these topics.

To apply and receive more information, please contact:

Elena Ustinova