Arctic Art and Design, with specialization in Applied Visual Arts or Service Design, is a new program at ULapland. The unique program focuses on the intersection of art and design using the essential qualities of both disciplines, and connects areas of applied visual arts, interaction design, service design and social design to increase wellbeing of the periphery and marginal areas.

Comparative Social Work (CSW) students acquire a better understanding of national and global social work by studying different spheres of social work and international legislation connecting social work and social policy. Through the program’s comparative approach and its location in the Arctic as well as in the border area between EU and Russia, students acquire skills to work in a changing field of social work all over the world.

International and Comparative Law (MICLaw) gives students a wide perspective on Public International Law and Comparative Law. During their studies, graduates of the program will also specialize in either Arctic Law and Governance or Transcultural Business Law, being in the forefront of legal research in these fields.

Media Education aims at developing profound media literacy and competence. The three themes of the program – Media in Teaching and Learning; Empowerment, Control and Influence of Media; and Media in the Lives of Individuals and Communities – provide students with understanding and skills in different areas where media education plays a significant role.

Tourism, Culture and International Management (TourCIM) has been created to respond to the needs of cultural and tourism industries. Graduates of the program gain knowledge and education in international business and international management as well as cultural experience and heritage, tourism being seen as a modern link between them.

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