In addition to the Arctic security, geopolitics and management, the seminar emphasized China's participation in the Arctic cooperation, and the Chinese perspective on the Arctic's yearbook. Among the seminar speakers were the deputy director of the Shanghai Institute, Yang Jian, the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration Director, Xu Shijie, Fridtjof Nansen Institute director, Leiv Lunde, Assistant Professor , Gunhild Hoogensen Gjorv from the University of Tromsø , Professor Alexander Sergunin, from the St. Petersburg State University, a researcher at the University of Tromsø, Piotr Graczyk and Professor Lassi Heininen from the University of Lapland .

The Shanghai Institute as well as the geopolitical and security thematic network decided to continue their collaboration. The concrete outcome of the cooperation will be a panel focusing on  the arctic and global security, which will be put in practice in Reykjavik, October 12th-14th in conjunction with the Arctic Circle event.