The Strategy underlines that complex socio-economic development of the Arctic region of Russia implies the improvement of management system and life quality of indigenous people in the Arctic, development of the resource base through the use of advanced technologies, modernization and infrastructure development of the Arctic transport system. As an integrated national transport route of Russia in the High North, it represents a strategically important object. The Strategy suggests developing the Northern Sea Route and making it functional throughout the year. That also implies the development of integrated infrastructure system including river and railway communications, airport network, and coastal infrastructure.

From the point of view of science and technology development, the ensuring of energy sustainability means exploration of the continental shelf and the development of its mineral resources. The implementation of this purpose requires the formation of integrated project study of the continental shelf and coastal areas. The strategy underlines the necessity to join the resources and capabilities of the state, business, science and education. The creation of long-term research projects (including international projects) focused on the main dimensions of the Arctic development is suggested as one of the main priorities.

The Strategy also focuses on the issues of Environmental Protection and the development of international partnership in the Arctic. One of the proclaimed aims is to preserve the Arctic as a zone opened to international cooperation.
The Strategy implementation includes two periods: the first period is up to 2015 (preparatory stage), and the second one is up to 2020. The implementation will be controlled by the government of the Russian Federation.

For further information, please, go to http://правительство.рф/docs/22846/