All students are then expected to participate in workshop sessions during the three days of the NUNA MED conference, in which they will present aspects of their own PhD research projects. The PhD presentation sessions will be open to interested NUNA MED conference delegates. The Summer School is open to students who are registered in a PhD programme in health sciences or social sciences, are at any level in their programme, and whose work relates to the themes of the school.

Course credits of 3.5 ECTS will be awarded to students whose institutions have approved the course and will be awarded in recognition of active participation, review of course literature and oral presentation of PhD research projects. All students are required to submit a draft paper (maximium of 10 pages) by 10th August for circulation to participants in the summer school. A list of suggested readings will be also be made available. A final written paper (2.5 ECTS) is required following the course and selected papers will be considered for publication in an edited, peer-reviewed volume. This is a unique PhD summer school that will take place in Greenland’s capital at a time of unprecedented global interest in the development of Greenland’s resources.

The summer school is organized by the Greenland Centre for Health Research in collaboration with the Climate and Society Research Group at the University of Greenland and Greenland Climate Research Centre, with the Department of Anthropology at the University of Alberta, UArctic and the Thule Institute at the University of Oulu.
The language of the summer school will be English. Participation is limited to 20 students. NUNA MED 2013 is held from 7th to 9th September 2013. NUNA MED is a conference on medicine, health and well-being in Greenland and the Arctic countries and is held in Nuuk every three years. At the NUNA MED conference parallel sessions will be in Greenlandic, Danish and English. Registration for NUNA MED 2013 is mandatory for participation in the PhD summer school.

Registration details and abstract submission:
Students wishing to participate in the Summer School should register on the NUNA MED conference website and send a CV and 300 word abstract by 5th April 2013. Successful students will be notified by 19th April 2013, after which they should pay the registration fee for the Summer School and NUNA MED conference. Please send both CV and abstract to Gert Mulvad (

Registration fee for the PhD summer school inclusive of the NUNAMED conference will be 2.500 Danish kr.

Students participating in the Summer School and NUNA MED conference who are registered at Nordic universities can apply for a grant to cover most or all travel, accommodation and participation costs upon registration. The grants are administered by the Nordic Network ”People and Ecosystems in a Changing Environment”, which is led by the the Thule Institute, University of Oulu, Finland, under the auspices of Nordforsk’s Top-level Research Initiative “Effect Studies and Adaptation to Climate Change”.
For information on the scientific content, please contact Professor Mark Nuttall ( or Dr Gert Mulvad (

Course location: Hotel Hans Egede Conference Centre, Nuuk