• Forty years on from the beginning of the inquiry, and within a context of oil, gas and mining activities in northern Canada and other parts of the circumpolar North, what is the legacy of the Berger Inquiry?
  • What is the contemporary situation regarding social and environmental impact assessments?
  • How has the situation changed for the effective involvement of indigenous peoples in decision-making processes over large-scale industrial projects?
  • What is the role and responsibility of government and industry in dealing with resource development projects in the homelands of indigenous peoples?
  • Given the increased global interest in the Arctic and its resources, together with a shifting paradigm for circumpolar geopolitics, is the North being re-imagined and represented once more as a resource frontier rather than recognized and acknowledged as a region of diverse cultural homelands?
We invite academics, policy analysts, practitioners, students, community members, industry and those involved in areas that relate to the above questions and the topics listed below to submit proposals for papers that examine issues relevant to this broad area of engagement. If you feel that your contribution lies outside any of these areas but connected to the conference theme, your submission is still very much welcome.

Paper topics:
  • The Berger Inquiry and Canada’s northern consciousness
  • Maps, land claims, self-determination
  • Contemporary issues of social and environmental impact assessments
  • Decision-making processes over large-scale industrial projects
  • The duty to consult, the right to benefit
  • Arctic resources and global interests
  • International perspectives on the legacy of the Berger Inquiry
  • Education, leadership and sustainable communities

All submissions should be made by submitting 250-300 word abstract to cindy.mason@ualberta.ca by 15th November 2013. Submissions should include:
  • Title
  • Topic
  • Name of author(s)
  • Organization affiliation/position(s)
  • Address
  • E-mail address

Questions should be directed to:
Anita Dey Nuttall
Brendan Hokowhitu

Registration details to follow in November