With this conference Sámi University College wants to highlight research within indigenous cultural expressions. Different academic disciplines will be represented at the conference such as duodji, arts, pedagogy, and traditional knowledge.
In addition to bring together researchers studying crafts, traditional arts, design and art in an indigenous perspective, the conference will also be a meeting place for the duojárat, (craftspeople)  who join the conference with exhibitions and workshops.

The main goal of the conference is to elaborate indigenous cultural expressions based on multi-disciplinary perspectives in different contexts and indigenous approaches. The emphasis will though be the Sámi. Our hope is that the conference also will strengthen the network of researchers on indigenous peoples’ cultural expressions on craft and arts and emphasize the academic duodji discipline in general.

The topics of the conference will include
  • Sami duodji (arts and crafts)
  • Indigenous art methodology
  • Art theories
You can participate in several ways:
  • As participant without any presentations
  • With paper
  • With exhibition
  • With poster
You will find more information about the conference, as registration, conference fees, accommodation and deadlines for abstracts (if you want to participate with paper) at our homepage: http://www.duodji2012.no

Conference languages are Sami and English.
We hope to meet you at the conference.

With regards
Gunvor Guttorm
Professor in Duodji