In collaboration with international organizations, leading polar researchers, educators, and funding agencies, APECS aims to enhance career development opportunities, stimulate research collaborations, and develop effective future leaders in polar research, education and outreach to provide a continuum of knowledge for generations to come.

The APECS Directorate is based at the University of Tromsø, Norway in a vibrant environment with other secretariats and lots of polar researchers. The initial appointment will be for 9 months, with the option to renew for 3 years based on successful performance. As the full-time employee of APECS, the Director is tasked with guiding the development and administration of the organisation, along with overseeing and managing all APECS activities, finances and events. For more information on APECS please visit our website ( and read our past reports and publications at

For a detailed description of the position, click HERE.

Deadline for applications is 27 February, and must be submitted online at