International Winter School
Languages and cultures of Siberia
Discover the languages and traditional cultures of Yakutia, as well as its land and environment. The program includes several winter outdoor activities and visits to various museums of Yakutsk: ethnographic, an open-air Museum of history and traditional architecture, Mammoth museum, Permafrost Institute...
Who can participate: the programs is open to students with various academic background
Duration: 3 weeks.
Dates: 11.03.2013 - 29.03.2013.
Arrival: 8-10.03.2013
Departure: 30-31.03.2013.
Participation fee: € 900 (including classes with tours and cultural activities)
Application deadline: 30.01.2013

International Summer Schools
Sakha-Yakutia: Living Culture in Permafrost area
A 3-week program includes lectures, workshops on history, culture, environment and peoples of Yakutia, Elementary Intensive Russian, Intermediate Russian, Elementary Yakut Language.
The program includes field trips and visits to museums. The students will also be able to live three days in a rural area – a typical Yakut village and to travel to the Lena Pillars National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Sight.
Who can participate: the programs is open to students with various academic background
Duration: 3 weeks
Arrival: July 6-7.2013
Classes: July 08 – 28.2013
Departure: July 29-30. 2013
Participation fee: € 900 (including classes with field trips and stay in the village, tours and cultural activities)
Deadline for registration: 30.04.2013

International Summer Schools
Russian language and culture in Siberia
The aim of the courses is to enable international students to develop creative approach in using communication skills in various life activities: education and professional activities, social and cultural spheres.
Who can participate: international students and free-movers
Dates: 30 days

International Summer Expedition School
Ecological-and-resource and molecular-and-genetic monitoring of the biological resources of the North
This summer expedition school will be organized and held within the framework of the activities in the areas “Biotechnologies in the North” and “Life quality in the North”.
Who can participate: young researchers – graduate and postgraduate students of NEFU and educational institutions from Far-East and Siberia, international students.
Dates: 08.07.2013 – 20.07.2013

For further information please contact:
Galina Fedorova
Center for International Education
International Office
North-Eastern Federal University
Main Academic Building, 216
58 Belinsky str. 677000, Yakutsk
Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia
Tel.: 007-4112-36-14-53
Fax: 007-4112-36-14-53