This International Symposium on Polar Sciences has been held every year since 1994, building better understanding and consensus on the progress and future of the polar research programs. The theme of the symposium in 2012 is “Milestones in Polar Research Collaboration.” The main objective of this event is to examine polar environmental changes observed in atmosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. The symposium will also address meteorites in the Antarctica and new technology for polar sciences.

More detailed information including program of the symposium will be announced in the 2nd circular of the symposium.

The overview and preliminary program of “the 18th International Symposium on Polar Sciences: Milestones in Polar Research Collaboration” will be provided soon on the symposium website (, which will be open soon.

Abstract Submission: 16 February – 31 March, 2012.

We are looking forward to your participation.

Dr. Hong Kum LEE
Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI)

Dr. Seung-Il NAM
Tel: 82-32-260-6227

Dr. Jong Kuk HONG
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