The focus and theme of the 2012 Calotte Academy is ‘Water’, inspired by the fact that (fresh) water is the most important resource for human beings and non-human beings alike, and a precondition for life, and health and well-being. It is also inspired by how water is in a changing state from solid (ice or snow) to liquid (water) which exposes a range of issues for Arctic futures, for resilience, adaptation, transformation – in all, human and environmental security. Furthermore, although water is a renewable natural resource, there is a scarcity of fresh water in many, if not even most, parts of the globe due to population pressures, environmental degradation and climate change(s). Finally, as a consequence of all this, water is a strategic resource causing competition and conflicts, and seen as an attractive product for commercialization by private companies.

During the 2012 Calotte Academy ‘Water’ will be discussed on one hand from global and local context in the European North, and on the other hand, holistically from many angles and disciplinary approaches.

For more information on the theme and content of the 2012 Calotte Academy please, contact with Docent Lassi Heininen, Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Lapland (e-mail:; tel. +358-40-4844 215); or

Ass. Prof. Gunhild Hoogensen-Gjörv, Department of Sociology, Political Science and Community Planning at University of Tromsö (e-mail:; tel. +47-7764 4000);

or Senior Research Fellow Annika E. Nilsson, Stockholm Environmental Institute (e-mail:; tel. +46-8-674 73 31)

This is a call for papers, particularly for PhD students of different disciplines, to participate in and have a presentation in the 2012 Calotte Academy on the theme of ‘Water – globally and locally in the European North, and contribute to the (peer review) proceedings of the seminar. We ask you to submit a title and brief abstract (250-300 words) of your paper, and your name and affiliation.

Abstract submission deadline: February 1, 2012
Funding application deadline for PhD students: March 1, 2012
Program will be ready: April 1, 2012
Deadline for early-bird registration: April 15, 2012

All proposals should be submitted to the coordinator of the Calotte Academy, Jussi Huotari (see below):

Planner Jussi Huotari, ThinkBarents at Lapland University Consortium (e-mail:; tel. +358-40-4844 195)

For more information on the Calotte Academy: and