This Center aims to collaborate with Russian and international organizations and educational establishments in the field of Arctic initiatives. Special activity of the Center will be focused on development of cooperation with UArctic and UArctic partner institutions. The Center will also be responsible for cooperation with Nordic countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden etc.), Norwegian and Finno-Ugrian organizations , Barents Euro-arctic Region (BEAR).

Coordination of the NETESDA network is now in the Euro-arctic Center of Syktyvkar State University. Komi State Pedagogical Institute is still in the Consortium as a partner. It is not yet decided who will lead international cooperation in the institute.

A key meeting on further thematic network activities in November 2011 in Syktyvkar will be hosted by Syktyvkar State University.

If you have any questions or additional information, please contact Olga at
Please also see below updated list of NETESDA partners (attached).