Within the section of 'Science and Monitoring' the Nuuk Declaration dedicates a paragraph to the work conducted under the auspices of UArctic. The Ministers and Permanent Participants firstly congratulate the University of the Arctic for its 10th anniversary, being celebrated in Rovaniemi accompanying the UArctic Council meeting in June.

Furthermore, the Declaration emphasizes the importance of the contributions of UArctic in the past, present and future for capacity-building in the Arctic, particularly by fostering traditional and scientific knowledge relevant for Arctic indigenous peoples as well as policy makers and Arctic communities. Continuous support for the work of UArctic is encouraged.

In several prvious Arctic Council declarations the work of UArctic has been recognized. Yet, the 2011 declaration constitutes an important step in ensuring continuous endorsement of UArctic through the Arctic Council.

The 2011 Nuuk Declaration can be accessed here.

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