For its ninth edition, the Seminar will be hosted by the Public Research Centre - Gabriel Lippmann in Luxembourg. It follows the successful meetings organized in St. Paul, USA, in 1977, Sapporo, Japan (1981), Shanghai, PRC (1986), Uppsala, Sweden (1991), Corvallis, USA (1996), Helsinki, Finland (2001), Sapporo, Japan (2004), and finally, Saskatoon, Canada (2007). The 10th edition will take place in Chile in 2014.

Since 1977 we have witnessed the development of new technologies in the area of molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, developments that have impacted our understanding of plant cold hardiness. We are now beginning to understand how plants perceive cold signals, genes involved in cold acclimation have been identified, and the mechanisms controlling expression of these "cold-regulated" genes studied. Improving the cold hardiness of plants by gene transfer has also been achieved. All these advances have provided the opportunity to re-explore and better understand the physiology of cold tolerance, avoidance, and acclimation in plants.

At the 9th IPCHS, participants will have the opportunity to present their recent research on various aspects of cold hardiness, meet with colleagues to discuss recent advances, and obtain an up-to-the-minute overview of cold hardiness research and related fields. The seminar will include invited lectures, selected presentations and poster sessions.

In the tradition of the 8 previous Seminars, the 9th is organized with the explicit motivation to bring together different researchers. Therefore scientific sessions and discussions will be mixed with social events, promoting the interchange of information among leading scientists in the field.

The conference is being held 17-22 July, 2011.

A reduced registration fee is applied when registering before March 30.

For further inquiries and more information, please contact the conference or visit the conference's website.

Centre de Recherche Public - Gabriel Lippmann
G.-D. Luxembourg