The fail of the mega climate summit in Copenhagen in December 2009 to achieve a global climate treaty that is fair, ambitious and balanced has strengthened the need for local and regional contributions and solutions to fight Climate Change. Northern societies are vulnerable to the predicted changes in climate and life circumstances due to Global Warming.

The Jokkmokk Winterconference 2011 focuses strongly on developing and discussing solutions for a sustainable future in Arctic and Subarctic regions.

Discussions will circle around several key issues, inter alia how to achieve a sustainable lifestyle in Arctic and Subarctic Regions; Local Sámi food production in the light of traditional Sámi knowledge and 'slow food'; Ecotourism as a possible way for sustainable development; a decentralized local energy production based on renewable energy sources to achieve regional energy autonomy; or sustainable development and democracy.

Next to decision-makers, researchers and students, HRH Crown Princess Viktoria will attend the conference to actively engage in the discussions.

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