Topics and Issues

We identified the following issues to be most relevant to this workshop, but would welcome
your suggestions for additional topics:
  • Microbial diversity and biogeography of permafrost environments
  • Metabolic activity at subzero temperature
  • Mechanisms of microbial adaptation and survival in permafrost environments
  • Permafrost astrobiology
  • Plant-microbe interaction
  • Microbial communities and global change
  • Carbon and nitrogen turnover
  • Microbial gene pool of cold environments
  • Biotechnology
  • Data management and feed into global microbiological databases
In addition to these topics of discussion, the workshop will focus on defining a workplan for MicroPerm driven by science questions and heavily relying on international collaboration. To do so, the workshop will be divided in working groups focusing on the following issues:

  • The active layer and beyond: What depths are most relevant to investigate microbiological metabolism, function and community structure?
  • In what way can the MicroPerm project provide a platform to integrate knowledge on microorganisms?
  • What framework can the MicroPerm project propose to ensure that field studies are undertaken in a consistent manner at site level?
For more information we refer you to the attached pdf file 'First Circular Permafrost' and the project website at