The Symposium is organized by the Thule Institute, University of Oulu, in a co-operation with the University of Arctic Thematic Networks on Global Change and Arctic Medicine.

Pre-conference Course, 15-17 November, 2010, Oulu, Finland
A research training course "People in a Changing World", aimed to doctoral students, will be held in Oulu 15-17 November 2010, preceding the Symposium. The course will cover the long-term historical research and forecasting of the future of human-environment relationships with respect to health, economic- and socio-cultural wellbeing, societal resilience, adaptation and transformability, vulnerability in different scales, and human communication. Case studies on environmental and economic changes and their socio-cultural effects help students to understand how people will affect communities and cultures, their self-image and ultimately their health. The course is funded by Nordforsk Top-level Research Initiative “Effect studies and adaptation to climate change” as the first course organized by the Nordic Network “People and Ecosystems in a changing world”.

More information about the course program and registration can be found from the Symposium website.

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