The courses offered through the course catalogue presented a vast array of course material related to her subjects of study which intrigued her. Introduction to Geopolitics, Introduction to Physical Processes and Features of the Arctic and Global Change are some of the classes that she enjoyed the most. With excursions to Pyhatunturi, Jokkmokk and the Kola Peninsula the real life exploration of other northern areas provided education that was outside of the classroom and very memorable.

In mid April once complete her studies at University of Lapland she will travel back to Germany and continue studying. With plans to continue traveling and seeking employment once complete her studies she sees the possibility of one day returning to Scandinavia if the opportunity arises. The white fluffy snow and the friendships she has made while in Rovaniemi have made a lasting impression on her experience. The education she has obtained through UArctic will open doors to more northern experiences in the future.

Elizabeth Zarpa