A list of contents follows

- The Inuit and Climate Change by A. Nicole Stuckenberger (pages 13-19)
- Anticipation, climate change, and movement in Greenland by Mark Nuttall (pages 21-37)
- Inuit perceptions of climate change in East Greenland by Cunera Buijs (pages 39-54)
- Yup'ik perspectives on climate change: "The world is following its people" by Ann Fienup-Riordan (pages 55-70)
- The religion of nature: Evangelical perspectives on the environment by Frederic Laugrand and Jarich Oosten (pages 71-90)
- Climate change, oil and gas development, and Inupiat whaling in northwest Alaska by Nobuhiro Kishigami (pages 91-107)
- Co-management institutions, knowledge, and learning: Adapting to change in the Arctic by Fikret Berkes and Derek Armitage (pages 109-131)
- The tip of the iceberg: Ice as a non-human actor in the climate change debate by Lill Rastad Bjorst (pages 133-150)

Research Note
- Should we turn the tent? Inuit women and climate change by Martha Dowsley, Shari Gearheard, Noor Johnson, and Jocelyn Inksetter (pages 151-165)

Also included in this issue are six book reviews and the Survey of Periodicals.

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