A list of contents follows.

- Education and transmission of Inuit knowledge in Canada by Frederic Laugrand and Jarich Oosten (pages 21-34)
- "It's like they have two parents": Consequences of the inconsistent socialisation of Inuit children by Anne S. Douglas (pages 35-54)
- Eurocentric roadblocks to school change in Nunavut by Paul Berger (pages 55-76)
- Culturally relevant schooling in Nunavut: Views of secondary school educators by M. Lynn Aylward (pages 77-93)
- Protecting embers to light the qulliit of Inuit learning in Nunavut communities by Joanne Tompkins, Alexander McAuley, and Fiona Walton (pages 95-113)
- Transfer of Inuit qaujimajatuqangit in modern Inuit society by Frederic Laugrand and Jarich Oosten (pages 115-131)
- Inuit perspectives on sustaining bilingualism in Nunavut by Shelley Tulloch, Quluaq Pilakapsi, Monica Shouldice, Kim Crockatt, Cayla Chenier, and Janet Onalik (pages 133-152)
- Inuit education in Alberta and Nunavik (Canada) by Michelle Daveluy (pages 173-190)
- The influence of family history on learning opportunities of Inuvialuit youth by Raila Salokangas and Brenda Parlee (pages

Book Reviews
- Badten, Linda Womkon, Vera O. Kaneshiro, Marie Oovi, and Christopher Koonooka, "St. Lawrence Island / Siberian Yupik Eskimo Dictionary" by Louis-Jacques Dorais (pages 261-262)
- Duhaime, Gerard and Nick Bernard (eds), "Arctic food security" by Joanna Kafarowski (pages 263-265)
- Eber, Dorothy Harley, "Encounters on the Passgae: Inuit meet the explorers" by H.G. Jones (pages 265-266)
- Fienup-Riordan, Ann, "Yuungnaqpiallerput. The Way We Genuinely Live. Masterworks of Yup'ik Science and Survival" by Marie-Pierre Gadoua (pages 266-269)
- Laugrand, Frederic and Jarich Oosten, "The Sea Woman: Sedna in Inuit Shamanism and Art in the Eastern Arctic" by Emily E. Auger (pages 269-272)
- Sontag, Natascha, "The Inuit Language in Inuit Communities in Canada" by Frederic Laugrand (pages 272-273)

Survey of Periodicals
- pages 275-282

Survey of Dissertations
- pages 283-293

Scientific Information
- pages 295-296

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