The ASP program offers courses and out of class activities that are specific to the Arctic environment. Despite having options to travel to Poland, France, Spain and Ireland Thomas chose Finland largely because he had never been there and because he was persuaded by the ASP program website. With courses pertaining to physical geography and other courses such as Introduction to Arctic Ecosystems: Flora & Fauna and Natural Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic he was interested in understanding the Arctic and its geographic demographics through courses. Although, the ASP program is a one year program Thomas decided to complete one semester of studies. Upon his return to Germany he will seek practical training with an enterprise, study on his own and also plan ahead for a possible trip to Tanzania to visit a friend. The aspects of Finnish culture and its environment which he will remember long after he has left is the darkness, his outdoor adventures exploring trees, plants and the diverse vegetation throughout Ounasvaara and not to forget mentioning the nice snow!