Tom joins us from his previous job at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, as the Program Assistant for the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development, under its Director, Greg Poelzer.

Tom was born and raised in Saskatoon. He completed his education at the University of Saskatchewan (B.A. History, Honours, 2003; M.A. History, 2007) where some of his studies and work experience developed his interest in Saskatchewan’s Provincial North and the Circumpolar North in general. Tom’s M.A. Thesis incorporated economic/resource development in northern Saskatchewan, particularly northern forestry and Saskatchewan’s first pulp mill. He was also hired to provide content for the University’s Northern Portal website, of which UArctic is a partner. Having gained some experience with curriculum in the College of Education, working with the Centre and being introduced more fully to UArctic, Tom developed an increased interest in northern-based issues and education, which has culminated in his new position with UArctic.

Tom is looking forward to his new role with UArctic. We wish him a good start and all the best in this new career!