On day one, the discussions and presentations will deal with the governance of the shipping routes in the Arctic and the associated risk management of pollution caused by increased shipping. Included in the panel discussions will be the challenging topic of increasing regional and global governance.

The second day's overarching topic is the effective and challenging management of the environment. The important role of Arctic marine and land-based infrastructure, especially in the times of a changing climate will be addresses in the presentations. The second theme of the day is the exploration and exploitation of resources in the Arctic. Inter alia the highly disputed issue of delineation based on the continental shelf and the ecological impact of oil and gas exploitation will be addressed. Human Rights in the polar regions are the third main theme of the day. Presentations and discussions will deal with the Home Rule situation in Greenland, the Faroe constitutional development and the rights and prospects of the Chukchi people in Chukotka.

Day three will be open to the public and contain a meeting of the Northern Research Forum’s working group on legal and political issues in the Arctic.

The program of the symposium and contact information can be found here.