The desired research area is earth observation/remote sensing, specifically using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and polarimetric SAR (PolSAR) data, to address research problems such as:
- Change detection;
- Marine target detection (e.g., ships, icebergs, oil spill);
- Sea surface dynamics studies (e.g., wind, waves, currents);
- Land cover classification (e.g., vegetation, forest, sea ice, glaciers);
- Physical and/or statistical modeling; and
- Methodology for data analysis and multi-sensor data fusion.

Applicants must submit a CV, including details of potential future publication, and describe their interests and background in relation to the aforementioned research topics. In addition, the successful applicants must fulfill the requirements for admission to the PhD program.

Application Deadline: Monday, 7 September 2009.

For more information, including details on the application process, please go to:

Or contact:
Torbjorn Eltoft

Camilla Brekke