My name is Aleksandra Beloglazova. I am 23. I am from Russia, Arkhangelsk. I am studying at Arkhangelsk State Technical University, a fifth-year student of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, specialization Chemical Technology of Wood. The main subjects I study at the University are chemistry of wood, physical and organic chemistry. I learnt about the University of the Arctic from the head of the international department Natalia Podrazhanskaya. Students who have a pleasure to study in Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies courses provide feedbacks about these courses. Natalia gave me some of them. I was fascinated when read them. Every feedback reflected great interest to these courses. I decided to take the courses and studied for two semesters. These were courses BSC 100 Introduction to the Circumpolar World and BCS 311 Land and Environmental I. I am eager to continue my study at the University of the Arctic next semester.

I got along well with the online-handling. On-line course is a very handy and interesting form of studies. You can spend your time on reading study material when you want, sharing information with fellow students from northern Russia and other northern countries. You shouldn’t go to lectures or seminars and it helps to develop self-reliance.

These courses help me to gain more profound understanding of the Northern environment and the North environmental problems faced by humanity. The rapid climate change and social-ecological sustainability are some examples of such problems. The material on the course web-site was very helpful for understanding many questions.

It was not so easy to discuss some topics but I expected the level of the course to be high and was ready to difficulties.

Now I am working on my diploma paper. Because of this I am busy with research. The theme of my research - “Catalytic oxidation of lignin” - is connected with the ecological methods of processing plant raw materials. After graduation from the University I am going to continue my research. I am sure these courses will be helpful for my PhD work and future career.

Generally I think that University of the Arctic is a very valuable institution. Due to the UArctic the students take interest in the North, get an opportunity to study and work abroad, take part in conferences and share knowledge with other people. It’s very important for the Arctic development.