This course is a senior (fourth year) level class, while it is also available as a graduate level course – ORTM 614-3 (please see below for contact information). ORTM 414 focuses on the unique aspects of tourism and recreation in the Polar Regions. Topics covered include issues of shared management and sovereignty, the relationship between science and tourism, expedition tourism and recreation, the logistical challenges of operating in remote environments, and the impacts tourism and recreation have in the Polar Regions.

Specific examples from around the circumpolar world will be used, and international guest lecturers will join the discussion when possible.

The Polar Tourism and Recreation course is also part of the Northern Tourism Advanced Emphasis (AE) stream in the Circumpolar Studies program. Online curriculum development of the Northern Tourism AE is led by UNBC and supported by the UArctic Office of Undergraduate Studies. The AEs are programs of study, roughly equivalent to a semester of schooling (30 ECTS credits or 15 North American credits) that focus on an area, issue, or problem of particular relevance to Northerns. This AE focuses specifically on tourism and outdoor recreation throughout the circumpolar north.

To request more detailed and further information on the Polar Tourism and Recreation course please email the instructor, Patrick Maher
You can also click here to download the detailed information sheet for ORTM 414-3