The UArctic Northern Governance Thematic Network, administratively housed under the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development (ICNGD), acted as the host for this fellowship in 2009 and is pleased to act as host for the 2010 program. This year, there were twenty-three applicants for the ten fellowships valued at $5000 each.

The objectives of the fellowship are to foster innovative research and policy development on a range of issues related to the circumpolar world; encourage and promote research of circumpolar studies by Canadian graduate students; and encourage research in the field of the circumpolar world in the interest of higher education, scholarship and an informed public.

The ICNGD would like to extend its appreciation to the Review Committee for its efforts in selecting the following applicants:

Heather Exner-Pirot, PhD student, University of Calgary
Nadine Fabbi, PhD student, University of British Columbia
Courtney Fidler, PhD student, University of Saskatchewan
Dustin Fredlund, Masters student, University of Akureyri
Wilfrid Greaves, PhD student, University of Toronto
Marshall Horne, PhD student, University of Calgary
John Kearns, Masters student, University of Saskatchewan
Peter Kikkert, PhD student, University of Western Ontario
Aldene Meis Mason, PhD student, University of Canterbury
Nicole Wilson, Combined Masters & PhD student, University of Cornell

Each recipient is required to submit a high quality research paper by March 1, 2010 before being
awarded the fellowship. The paper will be read by senior officials of DFAIT, other government officials and Northern stakeholders. Qualifying papers are submitted for publication to a peer-reviewed journal.