The following papers appear in the December 2009 issue of ARCTIC:

"Paleoeskimo Demography and Sea-Level History, Kent Peninsula and King William Island, Central Northwest Passage, Arctic Canada"
By: Arthur S. Dyke and James M. Savelle

"Visualizing Population Dynamics of Alaska's Arctic Communities"
By: Lawrence C. Hamilton and Angela M. Mitiguy

"Foraging Behaviours and Diets of Wolves in the Queen Maud Gulf Bird Sanctuary, Nunavut, Canada"
By: Nathan Wiebe, Gustaf Samelius, Ray T. Alisauskas, Jason L. Bantle, Christoffer Bergman, Robert de Carle, Christopher J. Hendrickson, Alain Lusignan, Kimberly J. Phipps and Justin Pitt

"Polar Bear Distribution and Habitat Association Reflect Long-term Changes in Fall Sea Ice Conditions in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea"
By: Jeffrey S. Gleason and Karyn D. Rode

"Tolerance to Sand Burial, Trampling, and Drought of Two Subarctic Coastal Plant Species (Leymus mollis and Trisetum spicatum)"
By: Stephane Boudreau and Julie Faure-Lacroix

"Advancing Landscape Change Research through the Incorporation of Inupiaq Knowledge"
By: Wendy R. Eisner, Chris J. Cuomo, Kenneth M. Hinkel, Benjamin M.
Jones and Ronald H. Brower, Sr.

"Effects of Climate Change on the Seasonality of Weather for Tourism in Alaska"
By: Gongmei Yu, Zvi Schwartz and John E. Walsh

"Post-Glacial Isostatic Adjustment and Global Warming in Subarctic
Canada: Implications for Islands of the James Bay Region
By: Leonard J.S. Tsuji, Natalya Gomez, Jerry X. Mitrovica and Roblyn Kendall

"Local Protest and Resistance to the Rupert Diversion Project, Northern Quebec"
By: Miriam Atkinson and Monica E. Mulrennan

The December issue contains five book reviews and an obituary for Jimmy Memorana, written by Thomas G. Smith.

Also included are two InfoNorth essays written by this year's AINA scholarship winners. Evan Richardson, the 2009 recipient of the Jennifer Robinson Memorial Scholarship, describes his doctoral research on the life history and population dynamics of polar bears in western Hudson Bay. Veterinarian Patricia Curry, the 2009 recipient of the Lorraine Allison Scholarship, discusses her collaborative research with arctic communities on monitoring the health of caribou populations.

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