Pipelines in Permafrost and Freezing Ground is a fourteen-volume book set, with CD-ROM, that details concepts associated with the design and operation of cold climate infrastructure (e.g. - natural gas pipelines) in terrain subjected to seasonal freezing and permafrost affected by climate change. This resource is currently in its final printing.

The main focus of the book set is the interdependence between cold climate infrastructure and the behavior of freezing soils and permafrost. Other concepts and challenges discussed include soil strain and creep, frost heave and bulb growth, thaw consolidation, pipeline relaxation, pressure, bending stresses in buried pipelines, uplift resistance, and the thermal, mechanical, hydraulic, and micromorphological properties of freezing soils and permafrost.

This book set comes with a CD-ROM, which contains a database on infrastructure in permafrost and freezing ground. Engineers and scientists can use the database for the assessment and design of cold climate infrastructure.

Academic Pricing: $1495.00, final printing available November 2009

Permafrost Environmental Consulting has also just released a twelve-volume book set and CD-ROM database entitled Contaminants in Permafrost and Freezing Ground. The main focus of the book set is the behavior of contaminants in the Arctic. It provides engineers and geoscientists with the tools necessary to carry out an in-depth examination of the behavior of contaminants in freezing ground and permafrost-affected soils. This environmental resource library and accompanying database provide the resources necessary for development of strategies for contaminated site management, including technology and remediation procedures.

Academic Pricing: $1295.00, next printing available January 2010

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