Following on from the successful conference held in Helsinki in May 2008, the OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments (formerly the Programmes in Educational Building) and Institutional Management in Higher Education (IMHE) in collaboration with the University of Latvia are bringing together policy makers, higher education leaders and managers, academics, designers and developers, to analyse these issues and exchange ideas on developing better and more responsive physical environments.

Set in the context of the increasing demands on higher education and the pressures of the economic crisis, this international conference will examine the issues that affect the creation and management of learning and knowledge exchange environments for the future. It will explore sustainable higher education places, innovative approaches to designing learning and knowledge exchange environments and policies for managing the facilities over the long term

Programme Excerpt
Keynote address: “Universities in their Cities: collaborations and conflicts”
Creating Sustainable learning and knowledge exchange environments: “Higher education: Cities and Regional Development”
Innovative approaches to the design of learning environments – now and the future: “Learning from the Design Factory at the University”
Developing new places for higher education: “Development of the University of Latvia Campus in Riga city environment”
Managing higher education places to meet current and future needs: “Managing higher education facilities through Public Private Partnerships”

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