Anastasia Ivanova1Hi! My name is Anastasia Ivanova and I am from Yakutia, Russia. I study at the Yakutsk State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages. I enjoy my studies as I have a chance to know other people’s culture. This fact made me be interested in the University of the Arctic. So, there I knew much information about the Arctic and day by day became interested in the Arctic – I undersood that we all live in the north and have the same problems. This makes people united and lets us know about the World we are living in. Also the thing I like to mention is that we can share the experiences and can learn the mistakes of each other. Before taking the courses I hardly understood what the Arctic is. Though I also live in the North I did not realise that there were many peoples living with almost the same mentality and culture. And I felt ashamed as I thought only about my community but actually all we have much in common.

I have already been studying at UArctic for two years. I enjoy my studying and the courses are always different and interesting. Everybody can express their opinions and points of view. I can say that this way of studying is totally different from what I have ever experienced. I took such sections as Introduction to the Circumpolar Studies, Peoples and Cultures, Land and Environment, and I am going to finish the Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies. Last year I participated in Anastasia Ivanova2the North2North program and studied for one Fall semester at Harstad University College, Norway. It was unforgettable experience.

I want to give advice for those who want to take the course: do not hesitate if you are really interested in this, and if you already took it feel free to share your opinion with everybody who participates in the discussions and while doing it do not forget to learn some useful things from them too. Good luck!

Hi everybody!

Natasha BochkarevaI’m Natasha Bochkareva and I’m from Far North eastern Russia, from North eastern Siberia, the land of the coldest place, wild and picturesque nature - Yakutia. I’m lucky person, because I’m a student of the Head University of our republic – the Yakutsk State University. My dreams came true when I entered the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of English Philology. So learning foreign languages is the main target of my life.

I think all of us from the very childhood became interested in the Arctic, from telling the fairy tails of our grandparents till understanding that you a part of the large North. I think one could learn and study the history of his country, nation and people. Having become a student of the Arctic University, I realized the importance of teaching your village, town, republic, the North and Circumpolar World.

I have been taking the courses for two years taking up the on-line courses. I can say with sure the experiences of Bachelor’s degree gives me a lot. Firstly the education lets me know better and in details the country and the North where I live. Secondly, there is one main thing which unites us under one word – the North. Telling the truth, I didn’t expect the only word could conceal s