Norden 1The organizers, Monday Morning and NIDAB Networking, are excited and encouraged by the partnership that has been sealed with the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Halldór Ásgrímsson, the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers states that “The climate, environment and energy, are areas all the Nordic governments will prioritise in the future in order to face up to the challenges posed by globalisation. All the Nordic countries work together in the run-up to the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen next year. This provides the Nordic countries, with an opportunity to intensify and co-ordinate their co-operation on climate issues. Nordic Climate Solutions will contribute to increased use of renewable energy and sustainable development. It will also improve Nordic societies' ability to adapt to a changed climate. The conference and exhibition will also contribute to maintain Nordic competitiveness and create new opportunities for Nordic business. I’m looking forward to the cooperation”.

The sponsors, leading Nordic companies, are of course also glad to see the event grow and encompass the entire Nordic region.

“Each Nordic country is a front runner in their own field of excellence. They offer different clean and green technologies. We can take great pride in this, but if you look at the Nordic Region as a whole it is representing a much broader scope of competencies and technologies. Be it energy efficiency or wind-, hydro-, solar-, biomass, or geothermal energy. The Nordic Region has the package. Therefore, it is a clear-cut advantage for international decision makers to look towards the Nordic region when searching for solutions” says Leif Johansson, CEO, AB Volvo.

To reinforce the international nature of the event, hosted buyer delegations and government official delegations from important export markets such as China, Russia, Germany, UK and USA are being invited to the conference.

Lars Mikkelgaard-Jensen, General Manager, IBM Denmark is pleased with this international reinforcement. “Given the severity of the climate crises, we have the obligation to share our world-class technologies and knowledge with the global community.”

At a time when the world is preparing to draft a new agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol, it is this kind of constructive collaboration and gathering of key Nordic and international stakeholders that can set the tone for the important discussions to come and demonstrate that there are technological, political and business solutions to this crisis.

Time and place:
Nordic Climate Solutions takes place on November 25th and 26th 2008 at Bella Center in Copenhagen.