Norden 1The practical measures the delegates at the meeting come up with will be collected in a catalogue for the UN major climate summit in Copenhagen in 2009. The countries of the world, if all goes according to plan, will adopt a new global climate agreement at the summit in Copenhagen.

The conference ‘One Small Step’ is being organised from 15–17 September by Odense City Council, in co-operation with the Nordic Council of Ministers, Aalborg City Council and a number of energy organisations. The target audience is decision makers, scientists and representatives from the business world, and organisations from all over the Nordic Region.

During the conference, which will be opened by the mayor of Odense, Jan Boye, there will be speeches from, amongst others, Denmark’s Minister of Climate and Energy, Connie Hedegaard, and the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Halldór Ásgrímsson.

The meeting delegates will debate the climate and local plans along five lines; transport, mobility and accessibility, city planning and construction, consumption, biodiversity as a climate regulator, as well as energy efficiency and sustainable energy.

Organizers invite you to the Conference website.

Nordic Co-operation on sustainable development.