ACATransnational education (TNE) has enjoyed widespread growth in the recent decade, particularly amongst UK, US, and Australian institutions. From the vast sector of online learning to the establishment of offshore campuses and courses, such education may take a variety of forms, bolstering an institution's international profile, offering an alternative source of income, or supporting the building of research cooperation links. But where do European countries stand in TNE offer vis-à-vis the main competitors? What are the main forms such engagement takes, and why? What are the perceived - and real - advantages and risks associated with such cross-border education?

The May ACA European Policy Seminar will draw on results of a recent ACA study on transnational education, and will shed light into these questions through a number of practical case examples of European higher education institutions engaged in exporting their education outside of Europe. It will also give opportunities for active engagement of the audience in debating the role and importance of TNE within the European context. ACA has engaged a number of excellent speakers for the seminar: for more details please have a look at the programme here.