NDPHS-logo-smallStarting from today organisations from NDPHS Partner countries (and more specifically the EU and EEA member states) as well as international organisations may benefit from the generous offer of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, which has decided to disburse EUR 1.5 million for technical assistance/development projects in the North West Russia Federal District. This funding is available for projects covering a broad array of thematic areas of relevance to public health and social well-being. Project proposals are accepted until the end of this year and the project activities need to be completed by 30 November 2009.

Finnish funding will be channelled through the NDPHS Project Pipeline that, combined with the NDPHS Database, is an instrument that the NDPHS offers to its Partners and other stakeholders in the Northern Dimension area to help them coordinate activities in this region. At the same time project applicants will benefit from being able to use this tool in proceeding from a project idea through project application to project financing. As a complementary feature, the Project Pipeline offers links to the websites of several other financing agencies to assist project applicants in identifying potential financiers outside the NDPHS Project Pipeline.

Further details as well as the on-line project application form are available in the NDPHS Project Pipeline.

In its ongoing effort to provide a unique single access point to and a repository of information and data on public health and social well-being in the Northern Dimension area, the NDPHS has now extended its Database with a new section designed to host various types of papers (policy papers, reports, newsletters, etc.). This section complements the three previously developed sections on (i) ongoing and implemented projects, (ii) organisations and (iii), persons (project leaders, experts, etc.). All sections are integrated one with another so as to bring information closer to people, institutions and organisations in a clearly structured and well-organised way. And just as is case with the other three sections, the "Papers" section allows visitors to not only search for and find information collected from a variety of sources, but also to submit their own information for public display

Further details are available at www.ndphs.org/?database.