Session description:
The understanding and quantification of northern and southern polar processes in driving and amplifying global climate variability as recorded in paleoclimate (ice, ocean, land) archives and observed by multi-decadal monitoring programs is crucial for the generation of realistic climate models and estimates of future sea level. The session should bring together paleo-/climatologists, paleo-/oceanographers, and modelers to present and discuss the current state of knowledge of:
(a) the complex pathway and timing of climate development at orbital, millennial, and submillennial to decadal time-scales,
(b) its internal amplification and propagation mechanisms (ice, ocean, atmosphere) including bi-polar, circum-Arctic, circum-Antarctic, and polar-global linkages,
(c) effects of external forcing (insolation, solar activity),
(d) related past sea level and biosphere changes,
(e) simulations of past and future polar climate and sea level development, and
(f) to discuss strategies of upcoming research to augment our knowledge in this field, considering relevant projects initiated for IPY 2007-2008.

For more information, please contact the session co-conveners:
Rainer Gersonde
Kumiko Azuma

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