ARCUSThe increasing pace and scale of observed environmental change in the Arctic and around the globe raises an important question: Have we reached major tipping points in the arctic system?

The interconnectedness of the Arctic is demonstrated when a single change - even a small one - sends ripple effects throughout the marine, terrestrial, atmospheric, socioeconomic, and global systems. Participants at the Arctic Forum will discuss how such changes may be "tipping points" that represent a new, unknown, and potentially irreversible vanguard of arctic and global change. Arctic Forum sessions will explore tipping points over different scales of time and space, as well as potential consequences, opportunities, and policy and management response strategies.

The 2008 Arctic Forum is being co-chaired by Martin Miles, Environmental Systems Analysis Research Center in Boulder, Colorado, and Craig Fleener, Gwich'in Council International.

In addition to highlighting current research and policy issues relevant to the Arctic through the Arctic Forum, the ARCUS Annual Meeting serves to gather together members of the arctic research community, key agency personnel and policy makers, as well as ARCUS member institution representatives, board members, and staff.

The agenda, online registration, poster abstract submission, hotel, and other venue information will be available soon at this address.

For further information about the Arctic Forum, please contact ARCUS at:
Phone: 907-474-1600