University of Alaska Fairbanks and Hokkaido University announce a sea-ice field course that is open to graduate-level students and post-graduate professionals from relevant fields; openings may also exist for a small number of advanced undergraduate students with appropriate background with permission from the instructors.

The Organisation for Ecomomic Co-operation and Development Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education (OECD/ImHE) is currently organizing two conferences: 'Higher education: Spaces and places for learning, innovation and knowledge transfer' which is hosted by Helsinki University of Technology  from May 21-23, F...

Climate and energy issues are the focus of a newly established working party consisting of MPs from all of the countries in the Baltic Sea Region, which held its first meeting in Estonia on Tuesday, chaired by the Estonian MP Mart Jüssi. The aim of the group is to strengthen regional co-operation on energy and climate change.

In celebration of the International Polar Year, the popular Inuit tribal funk band, Pamyua, gave two performances for K-12 students in Fairbanks, Alaska, on  February 1. In addition, Jenny Baeseman, director of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS), introduced the students to IPY through her experiences wor...

Twenty-seven Saami students form reindeer husbandry started on the IPY EALAT bachelor course (30 ETCS Points) this week, also called Learning by Herding offered by Saami University College. The course trains students to include traditional knoweledge in biological understanding, insights and analyses. 

The hands-on "Field Course in Arctic Science" will be offered through the University of Alaska Fairbanks in summer 2008. Students will have he unique opportunity to travel from the boreal forest in Interior Alaska past the alpine tundra in the Brooks Range to the arctic tundra at the Beaufort Sea.

The “Summer in Siberia” Russian language course is a wonderful opportunity to immerse international students in the multicultural society of Yakutia in North East Siberia for nine weeks. Witness the historic social and economic changes occurring in Russia as you develop language skills in a Russian speaking environment.