26,3480The general scope of the course includes study of interactions of northern insects with biotic and abiotic elements; effects of disturbances, including fire, vehicles, and human habitation; and behavioral adaptations of northern insects.

The course consists of lectures and discussions, field excursions, and exercises on collection methods, insect and plant identification and curations, observation and quantification of adaptation and behavior, diversity and abundance relationships, as well as individual projects
designed according to personal interests. The course fee of $1,200 CND includes room and board at CNSC, course supplies, and use of equipment and laboratory space.

Lecture topics include:
- Adaptations of Northern Insects
- The Arctic Insect Fauna
- The Changing Insect Fauna of the Churchill Region and Climate Change
- Behavioral Thermoregulation by Northern Insects and Plants
- Pollination and the Roles of Insects in the Sexual Reproduction of Northern Plants
- Why are Aquatic Habitats So Well Used by Northern Insects?
- Biting Flies in the North
- The Effects of Human Activity on Micro-Arthropods and Soil Communities in the North

Students interested in enrolling in the course should contact:
Peter Kevan
Department of Environmental Biology
University of Guelph

Rob Roughley
Department of Entomology
University of Manitoba